Jenny overalls – pattern review

The fact that I have made two pairs of Jenny Overalls in the last week, should go some way to show just how much I love this pattern! (Spoiler altert!)

Jenny is the latest release from Closet Case Patterns and it comes with a multitude of style options. I have opted for the mid calf length overall option for my first two pairs as I wanted to wear them in warmer weather. I will be making a longer version for the winter months too. There are shorts and trouser options too.

The pattern is very 70’s in style, with a high waist and wide legs. There are various customisation options available, such as dual zippers, button up front and buttons rather than zips. Tutorials for all of these hacks are on the Closet Case Patterns blog.

I made my first pair from a mid weight cotton. This is the perfect fabric for a summer time pair as it is thick enough to give the structure required but not too warm.  A heavy denim pair would be lovely for Winter but far too warm for this time of year.

I lined the pockets with a pale yellow cotton and did a contrast bib facing and fly shield.

The size 2 fit like a dream straight out of the packet, the only adjustments I made were to take half an inch out of the back seam and take up the hem by an extra half an inch.

When I got this flamingo linen/viscose blend into the shop, I couldn’t resist making another pair from it.

I used some left over Atelier Brunette fabric that I made my Kalle shirt from for the pockets and fly shield and it makes me insanely happy when I see that colour combination!

The lapped zipper tutorial on the Closet Case blog is brilliant and holds your hand through the process. I think this was my first lapped zipper and it was easy as pie!

I decided to pattern match the flamingos meticulously on the front bib and pockets and I’m really pleased I did. I didn’t worry about anywhere else though as that would have been far too hard!

As this fabric is directional, I also had to change the waistband orientation so that the flamingos were going the right way. I had to cut the waistband facing as two parts, due to not having quite enough fabric to fit it on, but it worked out fine and isn’t visible from the outside.

I was a bit nervous about how much wear they would actually get as dungarees to tend to be a bit annoying to get off to go to the loo etc and sometimes aren’t the most comfy thing to sit around in if the rise is wrong. In reality, these are super comfy and I haven’t really taken them off since I made them! I think the fit is wonderful – I love the shape of them. I know I have made both my pairs in playful fabrics, but I think they would look really chic in black linen or denim.

So yes, there will definitely be many more pairs of these overalls in my life – I have a cheetah print pair planned next!






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  1. Both your versions look amazing but that flamingo fabric is incredible!

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